Guest art

Guest artwork

Every poem we share on this website is accompanied by guest artwork created specifically for that poem! Here you can see all of our guest art in one place, with links to the artists’ own websites.

© James Mckay
For “On the hyena’s den at Kirkdale, near Kirby Moorside, in Yorkshire, discovered A.D. 1821.” by William Conybeare
Dr. Hillary Maddin (Website:; Twitter: @Evo_Deva)
For “In aid of Jamoytius” by Nancy P. Morris
October Seagrave (Twitter: @Zooophagous)
For “The Sandstone Bird” by Edward Hitchcock
Allison Hull, Printmaker,
Linocut and Letterpress on Arches paper, copyright 2019, 7 1/4 x 11 7/8 in.
For “Wake Up, Little Stevie” by Christina Olson
Megan Leslie
For “‘Twas the Eve of the Cretaceous” by Leo J. Hickey
Dr. Dani Fraser (Website:; Twitter: @palaeoeco)
For “Similar Cases” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Fatema (Twitter: @fatty_box)
For “The Petrified Fern” by Mary Bolles Branch
Emily Willoughby (Twitter: @eawilloughby; Website:
For “Anchiornis” by Jonathan Kane
John Meszaros (Twitter: @johnjmeszaros; Deviantart: NocturnalSea)
For “Ode to a Trilobite” by Timothy Abbott Conrad
Katrin Emery (Website: Instagram: @katrinemery)
For our Pride Month Post: An apology for becoming a flapper of the advanced age variety by Annie Montague Alexander
Brigid Christison (Website:; @Brigidomorpha on Twitter and Instagram)
For “Oldhamia antiqua” by John Joly
Katrin Emery (Website: Instagram: @katrinemery)
For “Untitled” by Thomas C. Weston
Greer Stothers (Twitter: @GreerStothers; Website:
For “The Tilly-bat” by Glenn Jepsen
John Meszaros (Twitter: @johnjmeszaros; Deviantart: NocturnalSea)
For “A Botanical Dream” by Marion Delf-Smith