Guest art

Guest artwork

Every poem we share on this website is accompanied by guest artwork created specifically for that poem! Here you can see all of our guest art in one place, with links to the artists’ own websites.

A Loxolophus sits on its hind legs and gazes cutely at a cockroach. The Loxolophus is heavily inspired by a modern coati, but is much chubbier. It has spots and striping, with a dark brown tail tip and front feet. The cockroach is reddish brown and is very pretty. They sit on a yellow backdrop with tree and bush shaped scribbles behind them.
Katrin Emery (Website: Instagram: @earth.sister Twitter: @KatrinEmery)
For “How to Kill a Cockroach” and “Limerick for Loxolophus” by Jay Artemis Hull
Black and white lineart. In the centre of the piece is an illustration of a beluga skeleton mounted as Charlotte the whale is mounted in Virginia. Behind the skeleton is an illustration of a beluga, with some shading to show off the body shape. The beluga is positioned so she looks like she is swimming. The illustration is bordered by a frame that looks like an undersea scene. At the bottom are anemones on the sandy ground, with starfush and an octopus visible among them. The sides and top of the frame are made of kelp and schools of fish. The frame looks almost natural and does not distract from the beluga in the centre.
John Meszaros (Twitter: @johnjmeszaros; Deviantart: NocturnalSea; Website:
For “Observation to a Whail” by Julia Pepper
A bold and colourful digital illustration of the events depicted in the poem. Each scene is framed in a circle and rectangle, and each frame is connexted with another frame. Each and every gap of this portrait is filled with colour and silly prehistoric animals, like sea stars, tailed frogs, insects, ammonites, squids, and leaves. All text appears on a curling banner below the more important figures. The most prominent image is a crying Ichthyosaurus under a full moon (labelled Ichthyosaurus). Left of it is a "Plesiosaurus" with angry eyebrows tossing fish from a can into the air to catch with its mouth. To the right is a drowsy "Pterodactylys" with a bottle in one hand and a lit match in the other. Bottom left are two dinosaurs kissing on the beach. Bottom right shows the Ichthyosaurus surrounded by dead dinosaurus and shocked by a thunderstorm. Below the portrait is the word "Souvenir."
Katrin Emery (Website: Instagram: @earth.sister Twitter: @KatrinEmery)
For “The Joy and Sorrow of the Olden Times” by J. V. von Scheffel
This is available as a print on Katrin’s Etsy shop.
Quillwork (curled strips of paper glued to a page) of an ichthyosaurus skeleton. The bones are done with curled strips for the vertebrae and flat strips for the ribs. Around the fossil are curled grey and blue strips of paper representing bubbles and waves.
Dana Korneisel (Instagram: @KorneiselDana; Twitter: @DanaKorneisel)
For “Ballad of the Ichthyosaurus” by May Kendall
© James Mckay
For “On the hyena’s den at Kirkdale, near Kirby Moorside, in Yorkshire, discovered A.D. 1821.” by William Conybeare
Dr. Hillary Maddin (Website:; Twitter: @Evo_Deva)
For “In aid of Jamoytius” by Nancy P. Morris
October Seagrave (Twitter: @Zooophagous)
For “The Sandstone Bird” by Edward Hitchcock
Allison Hull, Printmaker,
Linocut and Letterpress on Arches paper, copyright 2019, 7 1/4 x 11 7/8 in.
For “Wake Up, Little Stevie” by Christina Olson
Megan Leslie
For “‘Twas the Eve of the Cretaceous” by Leo J. Hickey
Dr. Dani Fraser (Website:; Twitter: @palaeoeco)
For “Similar Cases” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Fatema (Twitter: @fatty_box)
For “The Petrified Fern” by Mary Bolles Branch
John Meszaros (Twitter: @johnjmeszaros; Deviantart: NocturnalSea; Website:
For “Ode to a Trilobite” by Timothy Abbott Conrad
Katrin Emery (Website: Instagram: @earth.sister Twitter: @KatrinEmery)
For our Pride Month Post: An apology for becoming a flapper of the advanced age variety by Annie Montague Alexander
Brigid Christison (Website:; @Brigidomorpha on Twitter and Instagram)
For “Oldhamia antiqua” by John Joly
Katrin Emery (Website: Instagram: @earth.sister Twitter: @KatrinEmery)
For “Untitled” by Thomas C. Weston
Greer Stothers (Twitter: @GreerStothers; Website:
For “The Tilly-bat” by Glenn Jepsen
John Meszaros (Twitter: @johnjmeszaros; Deviantart: NocturnalSea; Website:
For “A Botanical Dream” by Marion Delf-Smith