PalaeoPoems themeselves are a form of science communication (SciComm). Take a look at some of the posters we’ve done about PalaeoPoems for conferences and/or social media! If you want permission to share anything on our site, please contact us.

What are PalaeoPoems, and why do we study them?

This 5-image poster was presented at ConSciCommCan2020 (read the program and abstract here). It was written by Brigid Christison and Mike Thompson, and designed by Katrin Emery. To view these images with explanations and Alt Text, go to our Twitter thread.
Citation: Christison, Brigid E., Michael G. W. Thompson, & Katrin Emery. Why Study PalaeoPoems? Poster presented at ComSciCon; July 25-27 2020 Ottawa, ON.