Palaeopoems is a project that brings together the world’s palaeontology poetry in one place for the first time. We seek out poetry by real palaeontologists and share them with short biographies of the authors, natural history context, and original artwork.

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Numerous volumes of "The Canadian Naturalist and Geologist" by E. Billings. Photo taken by Brigid Christison.


By searching books, letters, archives, and other unexpected sources, Palaeopoems spanning over 100 years of palaeontological history have been compiled here for the first time, along with the stories of how they came to be.

Large fossil in museum.


Every Friday we post a new fossil-themed poetry prompt on Twitter. From Hyracodon to Sarcusuchus, click below to see some of the silliest and most obscure Palaeopoems ever.